Name: Ace

Gender: Male

Estimated Date of Birth: 2/14/16

Size: 60 lbs

Color: White and tan

Look out this handsome fella is heading your way. Ace may be an adult but he has the silly personality of a puppy. Ace is settling into his foster home where we're going to work on manners. You see, sometimes, people get really (and I mean SUPER) cute puppies and let them rule the house. So they grow up to be (like in the case of Ace) big unruly dogs. 

Ace loves other dogs. He's okay sharing his water bowl and toys with his foster siblings. However, he can get a little over excited (and by a little sometimes we mean A LOT) and when he does he gets jumpy and mouthy. Luckily, Ace is super food motivate, smart and eager to please. We're sure that Ace will learn to love his Nothing In Life is Free rehab plan because it will provide guidance, structure and routine that all dogs crave. Never heard of Nothing in Life is Free? Well here's an example of how it works, click the picture for more details.

Thank you to all of our supporters and foster homes. It is no easy to pull a rowdy, big (even though we know at 60lbs Ace is medium sized many people would think he's big) dog into your home and help them learn manners. We wouldn't be able to save dogs like Ace without everyone's help and commitment to helping put good dogs in good homes. 

Ace is fully vetted and we're getting him enrolled in doggy daycare to help this social fella stay social. Here's a video of Ace helping Vegas, a deaf dog, build confidence. Vegas is fearful of hardwood floors and thresholds. So we used Ace to show Vegas that there is nothing to fear. Training should be fun!

We are overjoyed that Ace's foster family decided to keep him since he's such a great dog!