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Pictures with Santa Greenwood 121518

Seva 4.JPG

Pictures with Santa Nora 120818

Sinking Ship 2018

Get Lit for Pits 070118

Current Adoptabull Benny

Struck by Cu-pit 020418

Alumnus Trudy

Pictures with Santa 2017

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National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2017

Brews & Boos for Bullies 100117

Hotel Tango 080617


2017 20th Family Reunion

2016 Family Reunion

Abe and Leita

2015 Family Reunion

Our host

Pints for Pits Luau 061117

2017 Tour for Life

Tour for Life 040217

Bully for Love 021217


Stand Up for Pits

Happy momma

Puppy Socialization

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Kennel Enrichment 062815

Pride logo.png

PRIDE 2015

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Paws Stop 062115


Pet Pride 2015

Moment of Silence

Tour for Life 2015

Morning pup

PetCo Meet and Greet Apr 2015

Day of Service.jpg

KEP Day of Service

2016 Pictures with Santa

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Ride to Rescue 2014

2014 Ride to Rescue Departure

More Ride to Rescue 2014


Love a Bull 2


Dog Days of Summer 2014

IndyVet Pet Carnival

IndyVet Pet Carnival

Indy Pride Mall shot.jpg

Indy Pride 2014


Pet Pride 2014

Calvin loves Fido's

Black Cat Strut 2014

PFL clinic  (264).JPG

Pets for Life Clinic March 2014


Flower & Patio Show

Bully for Love.jpg

Bully for Love Event 021414

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National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2013

PSOE Literacy Night (7).JPG

PSOE Literacy Night 2013

Jingles (3).JPG

Petco Adoption Event 012614


Ride to Rescue 2013


PSOE Literacy Night 2012

Ride to Rescue 2012 (1).JPG

Ride to Rescue 2012


Pets for Life Clinic Sept 2012


Pets for Life Clinic May 2012


Tour for Life 2012

Indy Pit Crew 2014 NPBAD t-shirt

National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2014

PetCo Meet and Greet 040415