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Name: Hank, formerly Brewster

Gender: Male

Estimated Date of Birth: June 22, 2016

Size: 36lbs

Color: Brindle and White

We're so happy Brewster has settled into his forever home! Brewster has a big personality and would be the perfect pup for a family with older children. He is was a rock star in his basic obedience class through Paws & Think's Youth-Canine program. Check out this segment from WTHR that features him showing off his skills.

This little guy has a lot to share with his forever home and is the only Casa del Toro pup in the video that hasn't found his forever home. Don't let him wait much longer! Brewster is one smart and attentive dog. He's a bit of a mischievous puppy and likes to investigate EVERYTHING which is part of his personality that is so endearing, but if left without supervision he may get into things better left alone. Brewster is very food motivated and will try to grab food out of your hand very fast and rough. Therefore, we think he should be placed in a forever home with older children right now. We are still working with Brewster to counter-condition this habit, but if your guard is down - bam! Brewster will try to go for the food in your hand.

Brewster loves to be outside and sun bath. He rides well in a car. He's okay being alone or in a pack (as long as he's the top dog) and would do great with an older calm house mate. He is all around a good dog!