Name: Jasmine

Gender: Female

Estimated Date of Birth: October 27, 2014

Size: 56lbs

Color: Gray and White

Jasmine is adjusting really well in her foster home. She is a sweet wiggly pup with a lot of cuddles and love to give. Overall, she has a calm demeanor and wants nothing more than to curl up on the couch or dog bed for a snooze. She still has her bursts of energy however and easily forgets her manners when she is overexcited by jumping up to get attention. She would probably not do well with small children because of this.

She's a very smart girl and responds well to commands and treats. We are working on basic commands and she has already nailed 'Sit' & 'Stay'. We are also working on leash manners as she tends to pull and is reactive to other dogs and critters on walks. She does great on walks besides pulling, very inquisitive and doesn't react in fear to sudden noises or sights.

Jasmine currently lives with a foster brother dog & cat. She is learning to play nicely with her foster brother dog but has shown some aggression with food based toys such as chews and bones. This could be due to her being a stray previously as she takes treats sitting next to her foster brother with no problem or reaction. She is fine for the most part with toys but can also forget her manners with those and suddenly try to grab them. She currently has limited play time with toys until she learns to take them or ask for them nicely. She takes cues from what everyone is doing around her. If everyone is vegging out on the couch, she's down for relaxing but if her foster brother wants to wrestle, she's down for that too. She isn't very high energy though and would much prefer taking a nap over prolonged wrestle time. She has been great with the cat after being introduced to him. She mostly ignores him except for the occasional investigative sniff.

We are currently doing crate training which she is not a fan of, however she is improving every day and is doing really well overnight. She knows her 'House' command but will get fussy in the crate if she senses the people in the house are leaving. She is very people orientated

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