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Name: Martin

Gender: Male

Estimated Date of Birth: January 18, 2015

Size: 52 lbs

Color: Blue and White


July 18, 2017

Is this a dream? No barking dogs. I slept last night, like the dead. It was wonderful to lay on soft blankets and feel the quiet...only the hum of a radio turned low. This morning this lady came and greeted me with a happy good morning, Martin. I think she is calling me Martin - that's a good name. We walked around and I showed her how good I was. My cage was clean and orderly. We strolled down a long lane where she had me walk beside her. I can smell others, female dogs, 4 of them in all. The distinct scents of each giving me but a window of who lives here. Two black cats sit watching me from the grass and the tall dogs in the field kept staring from afar. We walked up to a large fenced area and then walked inside. I galloped around through the grass but I can't help but get worried when she walked inside her house.

I didn't bark but my heart welled up in my chest and I felt some panic wash over me. Then I saw her coming back. She led me up to the porch and I climbed up on a swing beside her and lay looking around. I can hear other dogs inside the house, they peer through the blinds. She drank what she called coffee and I sat beside her watching the birds fly in and out through the bushes . Its amazing how tired it makes me trying to absorb my new surroundings. After a wonderful while swinging and her hand on my shoulder we walked back to my den. I wasn't sure I wanted to go back inside but I decided it would be alright. She motioned to me a farewell and headed out the door. I lay listening for her to come back but the steady drone of the music lulls me to sleep. I hope I'm not dreaming. I hope things are really this way. Sometime I will meet the other dogs and they will be able to fill me in on this new life. I hope they like me. I will try to be very good, very, good.


Well, where do I begin? This sure has been a exciting day for me. This is Martin and I have had some eye opening experiences. I heard the other dogs call the lady mom, so I am going to follow suit. I like the ring of it! Today I went to a store and mom got me a new collar and a name tag! I have never had either...its pretty cool, I feel like I belong! I was a bit leery of the store even though the people were nice and offered me biscuits. I'm just going to hold off taking treats from people I don't know, just can't be too careful. After getting outfitted in a shiny copper collar, we went to the veterinary to have them check out my gunky ears and something about heart worm test. They took my blood but it wasn't too bad and I did get something, so amazing! They called it Peanut Butter! I broke my rules and took it from them, they looked trustworthy and besides the peanut butter was great! I met a big black dog there too, I was on my best behavior and minded well. I just sat by mom's heels. He was a nice fellow but I am always cautious.

After we got home, mom took me out in a big pen and showed me a ball. Now I had no idea what it was, none. I soon gathered though that she wanted me to touch it, when I did she would get so excited! I then threw it around and she really liked that. What a fun thing to discover!


Mom went in the house though and left me for awhile. It seemed like forever! I am going to have to get more control of my emotions. I just feel like my world is flying apart when she leaves and I just know that something bad is about to happen. Mom left me alone several times today. She wasn't gone too long and I started to realize that she was coming back but I have to say, my heart pounds in my throat and my paws sweat when I see her walk away. I hope I get better about that and can grow my confidence. I guess its normal, since I am going through a life changing path. Mom gave me a bath and a brushing today too. I was a little nervous but it really ended up feeling good. Now I'm laying in my den all clean and dry with my ears swabbed out and the nasty taste of dog dewormer in my mouth. She tried to give me a treat after the medicine, but who is she kidding? That medicine taste like chalk dust! Ugh.

My mind is whirling as I try to catch up with my new life. I will get this figured out. I know I am getting a lot more happy! I just need to gain my confidence. Maybe soon. I hope so. I am a good dog. I just need to grow my bravo a bit, sigh, I'm so tired it's time for a nap.

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I'm ready to start looking for my forever home. I'm good with children, but I prefer older kids since I am a big goof and I love to bounce around. I'm just too rowdy for younger children. I love working on my obedience training. I like paying attention to my handler and respond well to verbal cues. I'm still a bit timid when I first meet people but I'm getting better every day.

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