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Name: Millie

Gender: Female

Estimated Date of Birth: 7/26/15

Size: 39 lbs

Color: Brindle

Hi I'm Millie. I'm recovering from a broken pelvis, but I'm still an affectionate gal. I just got the all-clear from my doctor to be scheduled for my spay surgery. My foster parents promise me the recovery won't be as bad as recovering from my current injury.

I love going on leash walks and don't pull when I walk. My doctor just cleared me to start going on longer walks to start to building up my strength and endurance. I can't wait to run again! It's been two months (of summer) since I've been able to just run around and be a dog. I have a lot of energy right now to burn but my foster family plays all kinds of interactive activities with me and I calm down to snuggle.

I've been learning obedience and basic manners. Right now I am working on not being mouthy when I get excited. I feel so much better already, I kind of can't imagine how much better my life will get, but my foster family keeps telling me to just wait - I've got a family out there just waiting for me too!

We're happy to report Millie has started a two week adoption trial!