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Name: Ollie

Gender: Male

Estimated Date of Birth: July 2016

Size: 15lbs

Color: Brindle and White

UPDATE: January 2017 Ollie has found his forever home!!


Ollie is a lucky pup that found his way to our rescue. He was abandoned as a sick puppy and we immediately started helping this little guy get better! Ollie suffered from mange and an underlying skin infection due to lack of proper veterinary care. Ollie's foster mom is committed to helping this pup get healthy and develop into a well-balanced and social dog. 

Ollie has been a great pup through his mange treatment. Mange is not easy or inexpensive to treat. Ollie receives daily special medicated baths and is on a round of medications to clear up his underlying skin infection. After just a 5 days of treatment the sores on Ollie's face clear up substantially and the swelling his face starts to subside. He's making great progress!

Unfortunately then tragedy strikes - in the form of a playful romp in the yard! While Ollie was playing in the yard his playmate accidentally stepped on his front left foot and broke it. Lucky for us Ollie does not need surgery. The veterinarian recommended keeping Ollie immobilized for a couple of days, splinting the foot for two weeks minimum and then a follow-up x-ray. Well not only is it challenging to crate a 12 week old puppy continuously having Ollie's leg in a splint made his daily baths even more difficult, but this resilient pup took it all in stride. Ollie did great with his crate confinement often entertaining himself like a good pup. He quickly acclimated to the splint and after the first week you couldn't even tell he was injured.

Ollie's splint came off this week. He's doing well. His foster mom is slowing building up Ollie's use of the leg and watching for signs of fatigue. If Ollie starts to favor his leg then she puts in him his crate for a cool-down period. We are not currently accepting applications for Ollie because he won't be available for adoption for a least another month. If  you are interested in Ollie than please watch his story and contact us once he is available. While we understand you are willing to wait please know that we are an all-volunteer group and it takes a lot of volunteer hours to process incoming applications. We do not think it is fair to line up 15+ applications for this one pup to wait, while we have other dogs in the rescue that can go home now, not to mention, those 15+ homes could find a puppy elsewhere before Ollie is available. Please consider a donation in honor of Ollie to show your support!

Our little Ollie just keeps getting bigger. He's going in for another skin scrape soon and we're hoping he receives the all clear from the vet! He is still getting regular medicate baths so we're hopeful. Ollie's obedience and potty training backslid a little bit with Finn joined the foster home, but he's getting better again. You see, Finn and Ollie just want to play when they're outside and the pups forget that they are outside to take care of business.