Name: Peanut

Gender: Male

Estimated Date of Birth: February 14, 2005 (estimated age 12 years)

Size: 50lbs

Color: Fawn and white

Welcome Peanut the amazing elderbull! This sweet and mild mannered senior is on the road to recovery. Last week Peanut had neuter surgery to remove a testicular tumor. Peanut has a lot of supporters rallying for him and we're happy to report that lab results show that the tumor was benign! 

Peanut's is still experiencing incontinence issues (dribbling) so he's wearing belly bands. The vet thinks this may resolve now that we removed the tumor because there is no longer additional pressure on his bladder. 

Peanut loves his little foster siblings and would do well in a home with a small dog(s). We are working on teaching Peanut it's okay to be alone and in the crate. He wants to spend every moment by your side so he gets distressed when you leave, but we're working on teaching this older guy it's okay to trust again!

Peanut was just at the 2017 Tour for Life event where he met a couple of potential adopters. Check out our gallery from the event here!

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