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Name: Reuben

Gender: Male

Estimated Date of Birth: June 12, 2015

Size: 61 lbs

Color: Brown brindle

Hi! I'm Reuben!

I'm a sweet and athletic boy, currently unpacking my bags at my new foster home... it kind of feels like summer camp here! I came in to the shelter as a stray back in April but I've been rescued (counting my lucky stars for that!) and now I'm starting a new chapter of life ... finding my forever family!

They say I weigh 60 plus lbs. but if you ask me, I'd definitely consider myself a lap dog. Wanna cuddle?

I know some basic commands like Sit, Shake, Down, and Down-Stay. I'm food motivated and remain very focused when I'm eating. I'm a bit nervous to meet another dog but I'm nice and cool about it. As for cats, I’m not fond of those four-legged things that meow... although I'm learning "Leave It" which is a good thing for all the barn cats roaming here. Regarding people, there are no little kids here at summer camp and I think I like it that way. 

I'd be happy in a home where my family likes to do things and get out and about. This whole camp experience is proving to be quite fun for me!  I love some of the scheduled activities on the program - you know, like capture the flag and obstacle courses. My foster mom thinks I might even be well suited for an agility class. 

Give me some time to get settled here on the farm but please do check back because I'll have no shortage of stories to share about my summer adventures to come. 

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June 14, 2018

Just wow...I mean..things are making my head spin..Reuben here...(that's what she calls me). That lady I saw a couple days ago came back today. She stopped and talked to me but then started taking out other dogs. I sat quietly and watched...Finally she came and got me..We went out to the outside runs..it felt good to be in the sunshine. Then we went back inside and she got some papers and out the back door we went! I felt like we were making a break for it so I hurried for the car...jumped in and sat quiet...soon we were on the road.

We went to a place ...she got food...smelly hamburgers and fries... white castle she called them. Now she knew I get a bit over anxious about eating and she offered a french fry...in her hand...just a midge sticking out..I couldn't even hardly taste it..Then when I got a bit grabby she took it away! She did ask for a paw then and this I knew how to do..I offered a paw and she gave me the midge of a french fry...I even got a tiny piece of hamburger.

On the road again and we pulled in this drive and drove back to a building. She got me out on a leash and took me for a walk..I saw the largest tall dogs that I ever have seen..it was truly amazing...We were walking through this building when I suddenly saw a dog laying there...he didn't say anything ,,just stared...we walked really fast then...

Soon I was in this room in the barn...it's pretty cool...got my own crate and everything...I got a long drink and then went over near a chair and tried to make it mine too...Man did she squall when I hiked my leg...I got in trouble for that one...I will try and remember about that...No hiking on humans chair .. it makes them squeak loudly!

Reuben... first night at the farm..what a sweety..

Reuben... first night at the farm..what a sweety..

Now I have had a good bath and a roll in the grass..the sun has dried my back and I am back in my crate...I am going to sleep...really sleep...It's been weeks..and weeks...I am going to sleeeeep..


June 15, 2018

She did come back this morning! I am so relieved...I rubbed a raw spot on my nose pushing on the crate door.. It’s not bad though.. Today we played and romped. I got a new bone and snuggled with her in the grass. I met two more men.. they weren’t my old owner though I studied them carefully.. One of them is the lady's mate ... and the other, his friend. I saw great big rolls of grass and I met two blue girls through the fence.. I forgot myself and got forward and gruff.. I got growled at by mom and the two blue females.. Bella, I think her name was, called me a heathen.. the other, Lucy just turned and walked away. I tried sitting down with my back to them but they just stalked off! Maybe another day..It’s such a strange new world..

I keep looking for my family but I’m having no luck. I forget my problems and cuddle and get happy but then memories come back.. being lost on a busy road, dodging traffic.. It’s good here but I have a long way to go... I think I will just relax and chew my new bone.. It’s all confusing but I will learn..-Reuben-

First day at the farm . Reuben is having a little fun..

June 16, 2018

A bit of a set back this morning...Our meeting with the Crew went a little wonky. Lucy is afraid of cocky male dogs...He rushed her hard and we had to have a little meeting of the minds, but I think we have a better understanding now...Miss BC, the barn cat, got in on the action too..Reuben would like to eat her...so we had to have a talk about that too...Hopefully Reuben will re-think his options..First real meeting though..sometimes it doesn't go as smoothly as planned but we should be able to work through it. I hope he smooths out..the girls think he's a butt right now...maybe later in the day we will try it again. I'm hoping he remembers his manners...I try to tell all of the story...Its not always ,,rainbows and unicorns...sometimes its dragons and fire...

OK...I messed up...I tried to bring the fight to those uppity Blue girls..Mom wasn't happy..I have a feeling its her way or the highway...I better get it right next time...She has figured out all those hugs and lovings I give her have a darker side...ok..just a little dark...I am trying to run the show...claim her...claim everything...disquised as hugs and leaning and loving looks..Well...she figured me out and made it clear...any special treatment now will have to be earned..First thing being....I had better be nice to everyone living here...even that stupid fuzzy black cat and those fancy old Blue girls...I have so much to learn..Oh..man..I will get it figured out...I hate having her mad at me..but I just had to try and get things my way...Reuben...

Well, I decided to try the pack walk again this evening. All went well. Everyone just walked along.. ignoring each other. Step in the right direction..


June 17, 2018

He looks asleep but his eyes are open , ears listening. When I get up, he popped up looking at me.. sleep.. just sleep..

He looks asleep but his eyes are open , ears listening. When I get up, he popped up looking at me.. sleep.. just sleep..

Well..Reuben did great this morning..nice walk with the girls...I think we just had got off on the wrong side of the crate before..He is being a good boy ...mainly ignoring the ladies and they him. I wish they would interact more but hey,,its ok..maybe that will come later..Hot steamy day already this morning..The humidity looks like fog but the jungle like heaviness is already present. I'm trying to get some things accomplished before it gets really warmed up...I'm so glad things are going better with these dogs. I am going to wait till he is really good with these two girls before adding Dales dogs into the mix. I'm afraid Jackie Blue would take no guff...so we will have to go slow with her and Reuben...In the end we will get everyone playing together...Reuben isn't marking all over the place now and seems more settled..He is adjusting pretty fast ..I wish this weather would break so we could do more and longer walks, its just too much right now to walk very far with them. Keep cool all...Maybe keep your dogs in a pool somewhere...or the AC...In the mean time..I'm going to enjoy some coffee...Happy Fathers Day to all those great dads out there!

Barn cat taunts Reuben trying to get him in trouble.. He minded me well though and came to me.. I played with him for awhile and then I took him right out the gate. The cat was laying on the picnic table.. Reuben didn’t even glance her way.. minded his business and stayed right with me! Good boy !

Stupid dogs...Watch this..I hide up on the picnic table till mom goes by with the new guy, once she lets him loose ...I bounce around where he will see me. Rushing to the fence barking...LOL..He is messing up..I love it..One more tail wag and rolling on my back and this dog is going to lose his mind! Oh, shoot...He is listening to mom when she tells him no and to leave it..He is actually going back to her...Foiled again...Darn this dog learns fast..I will have to try something new another day...like shooting past him as they come in the door to the barn...that will light him up...I must be losing my touch...Look at him..suck up...laying by mom...I'm going to have to make a better plan....-BC Barn Cat-
Reuben's Dog tag

June 18, 2018

Reuben got his official dog tags and a brand new pretty harness. Our first outing was to The Orchard Store where we got his name tag and snazzy harness. Reuben was so friendly to everyone.. giving free hugs Willy nilly! We then decided to go to TSC to visit.. he did stellar! What a special boy he is..


June 19, 2018

Reuben...I keep him on a leash with me the first times in the house. No accidents that way. He is tickled pink to get to come in ...

Reuben...I keep him on a leash with me the first times in the house. No accidents that way. He is tickled pink to get to come in ...

I got to come in the house this morning. My AC dog room is nice but I really like this! I did get in trouble though..I saw a loaf of bread sitting on the counter...I'm tall and there it was...I won't do that anymore! It joins my list of ..do nots....Do Not chase the cats. Do not steal food off the counter! Don't mess with the Blue Crew...Bella has gone in the other room but Lucy has come in here and layed down by me..She is really nice trying to make me feel at home...Bella gave me the stink eye..I'm so pleased to be with everyone , I just have to remember all the rules....oh...NO Marking...mom really hates that one! I am doing pretty good though...I am a good dog...I just need to remember what is expected out of me...I got this! -Reuben-


June 20, 2018

reuben neuter.png
reuben neuter2.png
reuben neuter 3.png
reuben neuter 4.png

June 21, 2018

To think that I was worried we were going to have a drought this Summer! Plenty of rain has been falling and the grass is green and growing. It sure felt nice to have cooler temperatures today. Reuben is in the house hanging out with the girls. They gave him the once over and now seem to approve. I have removed his cone while he is here in the house with me. I think he is on his best behavior...The girls were barking at someone turning around in the driveway ..he jumped up and ran in to add his voice to the protective Blues.

Reuben has a pretty good voice and him standing there all erect and barking... I don't think I need to worry about anyone wanting to walk in the house unannounced. The girls seemed to approve his mettle ...almost as if it was a test. I also fed him and Bella at the same time while I kept an eye on him. He didn't bother her food and just kept eating his...of course mom was standing there in between them but I felt like it was a good start.

He was pretty possessive of his things when he got here..I think he is getting better with some of that nonsense. They all three are laying in this little room with me. The girls seem happier with him already in his new adapted form. They always seem relieved after the boys have their neuter. You wouldn't think it would make any difference this quickly in their minds but it really seems to with these two.

Nice stroll outside to bathroom. He seems housebroken, though he doesn't know how to let me know he is ready to go outside. Reuben just starts pacing and then goes down to the door. Walking with him as the rain drips from the leaves..I'm not used to looking down on a tiger striped back. His stripes ripple as he walks and I can just imagine what he will look like when he gets a bit more weight and some muscle on his lean frame. I

am probably going to take him to Lowes to make more friends and see more places. That big box store is always a challenge because of the huge space that it is. Rocko didn't like it at all at first but soon learned this is a great place to get treats. I am curious to what his reaction will be. I love getting new dogs in..like reading a book..turning a page to try and figure out the story within. We know we can change the ending...we already have...but just how delicious an ending is up to us..

I look forward to seeing this big handsome boy being a star in his own story. In the mean time...he stretches his tiger hide out on the floor and the girls step around him...I think he is happy to be somewhere...a home...I see hope in his eyes .....

June 22, 2018

First day of school. .. Reuben says .. yes ! I can do this! He has good mentors...

Reuben doesn’t like me taking so many pictures..I think he thinks it will steal his soul like SPOT stole his balls.. lol

June 23, 2018

reuben park 2.jpg

The soil is soft underfoot now as we come off the traveled path. Mom has taken me to the park. I was leery but it turned out wonderful. There were some other people in the woods but when we approached they moved far over. I was just checking them out good as we traveled but my short ears and dark brindle gave them pause as we trotted on by.

I’m learning how to walk to the side of mom when she says heel. After awhile she then tells me ok and lets me walk out front. We walked 2.5 miles.. I really enjoyed it but I have to admit I’m ready for a nap now..Park is a great word.. no wonder the Blues looked jealous when I got in the car..

Oh so sleepyzzz- Reuben-



June 28, 2018

Well, its finally happened. I got to meet the other girls that come to visit here at the farm. I had smelled their scent for several days now and had left my calling card where they would find it. Today, mom walked me out of the barn and here comes a vibrant redhead Pitbull female named Rosie...She came snorting and chortling up to me...at first I raised the hairs on my shoulder because I just wasn't sure of her intentions. Turns out Rosie was just happy to meet me...just as I am looking at her really well.

Here comes a one eyed serious big gray girl. She hard stared at me with that gleaming dark eye...I heard mom growl at her . With that she softened her gaze as I turned sideways to her to show her I meant no harm. Both dogs trotted off. After awhile all five of us were sitting on the porch .

What a fine day...I am finally starting to fit in.

I am still wearing my cone when in the dog room or by myself. My surgery is almost healed but not quite. I will be so happy when I can get rid of this silly cone thing..that will be a happy day.. Dale was playing ball with me today and I got to show off my athletic abilities. He bounced the ball really hard and it sprung up in the air very high...I sprang up through the air and caught it in my teeth...he was amazed at the height I achieved...

Pretty cool...I got talent...good looks...now ...four girl friends...I'm one lucky dog...Good night all..I just wanted to share my fun day..

July 1, 2018

I'm just getting around to talking about yesterday...Reuben here..Boy was I busy walking through stores, meeting folks , eating treats and learning a little etiquette . I did figure out that not everyone wants me in their lap, though it is confusing because some people do. I would kind of lean toward oncoming people and I would notice some people would jerk their hands up and make little tense sounds when I approached and then mom would tell me to heel and pull me back on track.

We did lots of heeling and sitting and lying down. Its funny some folks want to pet me all over, rub my stomach and even jump up on them..Mom had to tell several people she didn't want me to jump on them...People are harder to train then us dogs...they never seem to get it...I kind of get tickled that they are slower to learn then us. She wants me to stay on all four feet, leaning is allowed if invited.

I get so happy about being petted that I can turn it into a full on , full weight lay into them sort of thing. Mom is trying to teach me moderation in all things. One fellow had gave me all kinds of rubs and treats . I seen him coming ...started to get silly, mom told me sit! I could tell , she wanted me to sit still and not do my full body lean into him. He got her drift and just said something to me and walked on by this time. I sat like a soldier,,upright and proud and very still. She rubbed my ears and told me good boy...

We walked around all over that store and then went to another store. TSC she called it. We weren't there as long, just bought some more treats and looked about. Then just before dark we got to go to Mooresville Park for a walk around the lower loop. I was toast when that was over and so was mom.

I am learning a whole lot of things. I keep getting better...we have a ways to go before I'm ready for finding my forever home. I am anxious to find a family but I know that learning these things will help me find the right one. Today we walked with Dale and his dogs ...still on leash for me but I am learning to do good with these two other girl Pitbulls. I am looking forward to the day all 5 of us can run together..I heard mom talking about it...she said soon...very soon...I can't wait!

For now,,,back in the AC...taking a nap...stay cool all...-Reuben-

July 2, 2018

Well, it's been quite a day...First off I was hanging out in the dog pen for a bit this morning for my morning constitutional. I laid down and was relaxing in the sun when all of a sudden something was biting me! Tons of great big ants bit me where the sun don't shine! I starting barking for help...Mom came and got me and took me to the porch..I rolled over and showed her the welts on my belly and private area...there was even the head of a black ant still attached to my skin! She rubbed my head and sprayed some stuff on it and made me feel alot better...

Later in the day I got to play freestyle with Rosie and Jackie...We didn't really play together just kind of orbited separately ..I had found a bone hidden in the bushes by the doghouse...I chewed and threw it in the air while the others jealously watched. Then I saw Jackie trot over to where I had found it from...I could tell from the glare in her gleaming one eye that this must be her bone! She didn't try to take it back but I knew she was mad so I circled around on the other side of the doghouse and hid it in a different spot! I smiled at here as I galloped by. She won't ever find it...I hid it really good...I have to say it was fun being loose together with them..One more step toward getting to be with the whole pack loose from what Lucy was telling me.

I think it will be so much fun to run down the lane as fast as I can..I'm sure I can outrun Rosie, but I'm not sure about Jackie...I am really feeling good about things..I make mistakes but I am learning. Well, heck I protected mom from a roaring , huffing monster with a long, long tail and wheels that she was chasing in the house. I barked and huffed and bowed and danced ...she told me to quit after a bit because I was getting so loud. I stood and watched her pull it back and forth...It bellowed so loud and then she pulled its tail and it was quiet. I was impressed that she made it be quiet that easy.

Lucy shook her head and said its just a vacuum ,,,not to worry about it...but it sounded dangerous to me and I am going to keep a close eye on it...Well, I think I'm going to stretch out here and go to sleep..I even touched that cat and didn't eat her...It did go through my mind though...but...I have decent self control...and mom was watching me...oh..well..good night ,,,all..-Reuben-

July 3, 2018

Getting some new windows put in this old house today...yay..I'm so excited..The dogs have been put out in the barn room while the work is being done. Bella is miffed to say the least,,,Lucy claimed the chair and Reuben is happily laying in the crate while the tv plays and the AC hums away. It will take a little while to do it and I'm sure every evening the dogs will march through the house inspecting who has been there. Reuben is coming along well..We are working on giving up our bone and on obedience. He is a smart and athletic dog..I think he would be a blast at agility...Who knows..might give it a try. We are working on a few kinks but I am pleased with his progress. All dogs can be together now...We will try running them all loose in the field soon...I just want to have a good recall on him....though I don't think that will be much problem...He is a pleaser...and very diligent about it...Just will have to make sure everyone plays nice when they get excited. Its coming...I'm very happy with him..He is filling out now and starting to get some muscle on that lean frame...Reuben...your a big boy...Love your drive and intelligence..just have to teach you impulse control...We're half way there...Good boy!

July 6, 2018

What a nice morning! Sunshine and a breeze with cooler temps...Yes! The horses are feeling frisky , especially young Shiloh. He is being a bain to Oz , while the older horses just look on. Oz must like it though because about the time Shiloh quits...Oz walks over by him. The grass is really wet and my socks are soaked , my shoes too! The corn is tasseling in the field next to the house and the smell of it growing ...is sweet in the air. I get Reuben out of the dog room and we head up the lane. The horses are right by the beginning of the lane instead of back by the corral, Reuben is a tad to interested but we approach anyway. I let him smell noses with them but being ever cautious that either party doesn't bite...

As we pass them ,,the horses starting trotting up behind us from the other side of the fence..We stop and smell again ..the horses bored with the game, trot on down the fence line ..The trotting away is triggering the chase in Reuben . I see him quiver and he pulls at the leash..not terrible but too much..I remind him that he isn't to chase by stopping and calling him back to me for a full sit...He does, the excitement shows in his eyes but he is learning to control it. He had got in trouble this morning for wanting to eat the cat after having done so good yesterday but...its probably impossible or at least, it takes a long time to tame the prey drive. It will never leave him but I am trying to teach him to manage it.

We get back from our walk and the girls head inside the house. I get a big orange ball to play with Reuben...I have discovered he doesn't fetch a ball but does enjoy catching the ball when thrown to him. He has shown me some high flying soars to catch it in fact. Of course you have to be careful where that ball is in your hand...not up by your face...out in front of you is a much better choice. He is learning to wait for me to throw it to him, no trying to grab it from my hand.

Every day he shows me something else,,a part of his personality...a spot that needs guidance, another chapter to let me know who will fit this guy. It is a slow process but it will pay off in the end with a good mannered boy and he in a home that will fit his needs.

He lays on the porch, as I sway back and forth on the porch swing...His eyes miss nothing, he lays...watching the morning grow into day...dew dripping from the leaves of the elephant ear plant...Lucy , laying next to me..Barn cat...keeping her distance after a bit of a close call. The birds sing...the traffic hums on the highway...What a beautiful morning...


Wow! What a day ! First time with all three dogs in the car... Everything goes great.. wohoo meet Jackie and Lucy for a massive Pitbull walk. Five good dogs.. we even had a lady pass us as we had pulled off the trail to let her pass. She had two dogs with her.. she is smiling nervously as our dogs sit as she is going by. She trips over one of her dog and falls down! Our dogs stay , her dogs are good and she is major embarrassed! After she gets back to her feet she comments on what good dogs we have! They were representing really good.. She learned a pack of Pitbulls aren’t going to eat you even if you fall flat in front of them.. Glad she was ok and she was a super nice gal.. Good job pups.. It was Reubens second time at the park and first walk with all the dogs.. He passed with flying colors.. Yes I’m bragging.. like a proud mama..

July 13, 2018

What fun this morning , playing ball and carrying a stick all around! I make little woofing , growling noises as I bound by mom. Lucy isn't impressed because I have her ball...or so she says...I am finally fitting in and relaxing and learning my lessons well. We haven't gone walking for awhile because its just been darn hot but we still get to play and go in the car and have fun.

Reuben is learning the leave it command. Reuben guarded his things at first and wanted to eat the cat but with learning the Leave it command , life is better for everyone, especially the cat!


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