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Name: Ruby

Gender: Female

Estimated Date of Birth: November 1, 2014

Size: 54lbs

Color: White and Black

Ruby made her way into our local shelter as a stray. The shelter performed surgery on her swollen right ear, but within a day the fluid filled back up again. So the shelter started looking for a rescue that could pull Ruby and give her the hematoma surgery she needed. Luckily we had a foster home open looking for a calm older female - and Ruby fit that bill.

Ruby looks to have been bred a lot before coming into our rescue. Her dry brittle coat indicates poor nutrition and her bald spots patterns show us she has been suffering from untreated allergies for a while. So her long road to recovery starts today! Ruby is undergoing hematoma surgery today and will be kept overnight for observation. We're going to take a sample from both of her ears to make sure she doesn't have an ear infection too. Once Ruby's recuperated from her hematoma surgery we will spay her and she will be available for adoption.

In spite of not feeling good, Ruby is a dreamboat of a foster dog. She's learning to love her crate and has settled into her foster home like she's always lived there. Once Ruby recuperates from her ear surgery we will get her spayed and she will be ready for adoption.

Ruby's surgery was a success!  She will have a permanently floppy ear because the hematoma had become scarred and calcified and will stay that way even after surgery. We think it makes her even more special! She's on lots of meds for her ear and skin infections and will be receiving medicated baths for the next few weeks. Thanks for helping this happy go lucky gal start off on the long road to recovery. 

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Sisterly Love

The swelling in Ruby's ear canals has decreased so much we are able to start medicated flushes. While she doesn't really like to have her ears flushed, you can tell she feels better afterwards! We've also seen tremendous progress in Ruby's skin. She's on another week of Apoquel to continue her body's healing process.

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