Name: Seva (formerly Asti)

Gender: Female

Estimated Date of Birth: January 7, 2012

Size: 62 lbs

Color: Champagne

Hi! I'm Asti. I'm good with other dogs, tolerant of cats, and I love people. I'm housebroken and my Foster Mom reports that I've been good in her home. I'm a playful girl and I'm just starting blossom. My sleek athletic build and champagne coat are really stunning, if I do say so myself! Some people tell me they can see straight to my soul through my beautiful golden eyes. 

I'd consider myself a medium energy dog that will love to play and go for walks or just snuggle with you on the couch.  I'd do best with a calm dog, probably wouldn't tolerate a hyper in-my-face dog. I'm not totally sure about children yet but I sure do love adults. I ride well in the car and I've done well on several recent field trips to stores and parks. My foster mom says I'm a lovely girl... beautiful and fun! I'm ready to find the right family to call my own.  Could that be you?

Keep reading to learn more about my daily journey from the shelter and to see just how far I've come this year.  

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January 7, 2018

Hi, I'm Asti. I just got out of the shelter and am glad to be in a nice quiet environment. The shelter was noisy, stinky and overwhelming after my owner left me there I was scared. Then this wonderful gal took me outside and saw me blossom. She saw potential in me and took me to her farm. 

This sweet Champagne girl came home from the shelter with me today.. She was a owner surrender .. no time for this sweet 6 year old that had produced multiple litters . She laid there in her cage with legs crossed looking at me like she was waiting for someone. Well, dear girl they didn’t want you but we do! Thank you CDT for pulling this dog so I could bring her to the farm. She is thin and a little head shy but sweetest sweet . Now begins our new year, champagne and all...

Amber at farm.png

Coconut and green tea shampoo. One sweet smelling pup! She is ready to sleep.. It has been a big day! Night all..

Sleep tight

Sleep tight

Watch out red shirt!

Watch out red shirt!

Sweet gal

Sweet gal

January 8, 2018

I decided to introduce the Crew to the new girl today instead of a couple days from now. I just had the feeling we would be ok. I let them go in and meet her. She was, As they approached, sniffed and walked away. She was nervous and whined as she worried what was going to happen. I let the two Blues back out into the inside arena while I got our new girl out. I put on her blanket and got a rope on her where if things went badly I would have control of her. She is actually bigger then either of my girls. Skinny but taller. She was a bit stiff and trying to be a little saucy. The Crew came up one at a time and introduced themselves. It is something I have noticed , that with crop eared dogs that they are a little harder to read then the natural eared for both me and the dogs. Bella was doing it right..ears up and then back and then turning sideways to her. Lucy was matching the new girl and being ears up and a bit pushy but not bad. Smelling all around. She allowed herself to be smelled after realizing their were no boys in this pack. She has had lots of babies from what I can tell and wasn't looking for any of that kind of action! We went out side into the white snow ..heading for the lane. My Crew had faded back now and was letting the Newby settle. After a little bit I brought them closer again so that avoidance wasn't going to be the name of the game. Everyone played nice and we headed on down the lane to explore. The others ran and hunted while the peach girl watched. Finally her paws were getting cold so we trotted back to the warmness of the barn. I had to correct her once when she stiffened and tried to put her head and paw over Lucys shoulder...None of that here...I am Queen ...the rest of you better behave I told her. She looked at me and relaxed and seemed happy for the direction. I pulled her blanket, patted her devil eared head and put her away in her crate with some kibble and a kind word. Opening the door the Blues shot out spinning and grinning as they headed for the house. Me , a smile on my face...a good beginning ...a good one indeed! I am so thankful for my Blue Crew ,,,I can trust them to listen and not fight...They are my partners and so helpful...Extra kibble for them tonight!

Afternoon Update

I hear her at the heart pounds and I tremble...The door opens..I am so happy, desperately happy! She waits for me to calm down and then has me sit before she opens the cage door. My butt touch the blankets and then bounces back up while my tail wags wildly against the bars. She waits...I wiggle...then sit...door springs open! Hurray...bounce, bounce ,,coat put on and all warm we bound outside. The other dogs greet me at the door...and we go back through the fog and rain, the melting snow clinging to my feet. I start coughing and snorting...she turns our pack around and we head back to the warm room. She disappears and I hear her footsteps getting faint...I panic a little but sit by the door. Soon I hear her coming back, the door pops open and relief floods through me. She sits down in a chair..I jump hard in her lap , trying to lick her face to show my appreciation...She tells me to get down but I push harder trying to lick her face , desperate to show her that Im glad she came back for me! I am told to get down and made to get on the floor, I stand bewildered but realizing mobbing her like I had been wasn't going to be allowed. Finally and it seemed like hours,,she invites me up by patting the chair and showing teeth at me. I jump up carefully and lay down by her leg, pressing myself into her as much as I possibly can! She strokes my head and I keep looking up at her and doing my most submissive grin...Oh...let me lay here...I will be quiet. She strokes me and I lay my head down...I fall asleep for a while . I hear her talking to me. All too soon she has to go...I hate feeling her tense her muscles and start to rise. She directs me into the crate. I start to refuse but realize I need to make her happy ,plus she has dropped some cookies in my crate. I go in and lay down. She bends down and talks softly to me and then leaves...the tv drones softly ...I listen as her footsteps fade...I can't help but feel panic, that she won't come back but somehow I know she will...Relax...breath...listen.......signed Asti.

Asti named.png

January 8, 2018

Got my official dog tags! I feel so important... I'm not feeling too well so I've spent a lot of today just snoozing with my foster mom, she's the best!

January 9, 2018

Bella Blue.jpg

It's just appauling...Mom forgot me and left Lucy and I outside! Fed the horses..Took care of Asti and then came up to the house. Lucy and I were running around ...granted , we weren't paying attention and didn't see her walk up to the house. A hour later as I sat shivering on the cold barren,,,God forsaken porch...I heard her jump up and start looking for us...She opened the door...Oh,Bella...Im sorry..I forgot you guys....She tried to pat me on the head,,,I tilted so she missed and scooted inside. Lucy came trotting up from the barn. Lucy thought she was still feeding the horses and was sitting like a dum dum in the hay waiting. It was only when mom yelled from the house that it occurred to her that she had walked up to the house without yelling two or three or four times for us!! I am sitting all wrapped up in the blanket on the couch in front of the space mom the cold shoulder...get it ...cold shoulder...I am so witty! Lucy has forgotten all about it and is gleefully chewing her bone under the coffee table. I'm sure the newby is all tucked in her crate with a bone and pup chow...gleefully ignorant of the terrible intrusion on my dinner schedule that she caused. Oh, alas the trials and tribulations of being a family dog in the home of a foster mom...I will tell you I am going to milk this for all its worth! Extra treats, massage and belly rubs...Oh, shudder...I felt so alone sitting on the porch looking inhumane...(shaking blue head and flapping her ears) ...cuddled in warm now...signed Bella Blue,,,queen of all she surveys and some of what she only imagines... 

From Asti - I'm feeling so much better! I even bounced around a little then I received my kibble with a gravy, oh my gosh, It was amazing! I've found my new favorite thing - gravy!!!!!!

From Asti's foster mom - I ran my hands over the knobby vertebrae of her thin back up to her short pointy ears. She turned and looked at me, and gently laid her head down and sighed slowly, the air slowly escaping her lungs. The slow rhythmic rise and fall of her side signaling her sleep. I need to leave but I decide to stay longer.. she sleeps on.. dreaming softly.

January 10, 2018

I have been giving Asti three feedings of kibble a day along with a bit of coconut oil. Already she has gained weight and her hair is getting a bit of a sheen. She has a long way to go though...the bones in her back arch upward and bony from being in a crate too small for her..Jackie had been this way too. With time and exercise the muscles will stretch out and grow strong and they will flow together like a beautiful painting. She has too much of a cough to do her spay on Friday so I think we will have to wait till next week. It might be better anyway to get her stronger and more settled in. I gave her honey tonight right before I put her in the crate. The honey helps sooth the scratchy throat and is antibacterial...Lots of times it does the trick. Asti didn't willingly want to taste the honey so I took a horse syringe and slowly squirted the thick honey into her mouth. After much head shaking she realized it really wasn't bad at all. I had the Crew outside the door in the arena separated from the coughing blush girl. She listened as Bella went up the stairs to pad around on top of the roof of the dog room. Her little prick ears shifting back and forth as she tried to keep track of the footfall she could hear but not see. I look out the window and the girls are now standing by the door, ready to head to the house. I coax Asti into the crate, pat her head and shut the door. I can tell she isn't happy as I open the door and turn off the lights...only the dim nightlight gleaming. I bid her goodnight and head out into the night with the Blue Crew spinning and running ahead,,,white teeth catching the glint of my flash light ...eyes glowing...

She stands listening... The Blues are snuffling on the other side of the door..

She stands listening... The Blues are snuffling on the other side of the door..

Feeling better and happy to relax after a walk. 

Feeling better and happy to relax after a walk. 

January 19, 2018

This isn't fair at all! So what if I have a little cough..I want to go out and play with all the dogs! I hear them out there but I can't play with them until the kennel cough is gone! So sad sitting in my crate. I am listening so hard to what is going on outside that I think I may burst! Mom checked on me and I gave her my most lonesome whine and soulful eyes...Oh.....I want to go play...So sad... -Asti-

January 20, 2018

I got to go for a great walk with the Crew through the pasture! My kennel cough is finally nearly gone! I also haven gotten to take a closer look at that furry creature that mocked me so at the beginning...I have been watching how the other dogs act around it. They don’t seem to worry.. it even rubs on their faces! I think I did pretty well , I have to admit that I had bad thoughts once, ok maybe twice about munching her but the Blue Crew had warned me that this would bring fury out of mom and that I better learn to get along with the barn cat.. I guess it’s really not that hard .. I’m learning new things every day! I still stand and look at the horses.. They look back and blow through their nostrils.. taunting me.. It’s a brave new world.. a far cry from a life in a crate making puppies. I’m working really hard to be a good farm dog.. mom says I will get she slowly strokes my face. I just love that and a belly rub.. My happy is really showing itself.. Life is good! -Asti-

January 21, 2018

Out for a walk on the farm. What a dramatic sky!

Out for a walk on the farm. What a dramatic sky!

For the first time in Asti’s stay at the farm I had all three dogs loose in the dog room. She tried to guard me from the crew.. getting pushy with Lucy.. I growled and shoved her off my chair and let Lucy up with me as Bella looked over from the other chair. In the dog room three chairs sit right together . After the correction from me Asti retreated and laid down in her crate. After a few minutes I invited her over to sit with me and Lucy. This time she behaved and didn’t posture at Lucy. They all three lay quietly for a hour as I read my book to them. Asti has to learn pack manners and tonight was a good start . You got this Asti,,just don’t try guarding me or your food and all will be well with the world.. 

January 22, 2018

Good morning...It’s so warm this morning with some pretty dramatic clouds on the Western skies! I can tell you we didn’t dawdle on our walk as the dark wave of clouds approach. As it turned out it was more show then go but that’s just fine.. You just never know with this Indiana weather.

Asti is finally over her kennel cough! Yay...Maybe she can get her spay Thursday....We have been on hold just trying to get her healthy.

January 23, 2018

Meeting new friends and learning so much! Good girl, Asti!

Meeting new friends and learning so much! Good girl, Asti!

Asti got to meet two more girls today, Jackie and Rosie. She knew they were around as she had been smelling them outside in the grass but today I thought it a good time to let her meet them. In the horse arena I introduced Asti to Rosie. Rosie is just a stiff legged , fast moving love bug! At first Asti didn't know what to think but pretty quickly she figured out that she was just having fun! Then we put Rosie in the dog room and brought out Jackie. Now Jackie who has been chewed from one end of her body to the other in some kind of dog fighting experience. She is a bit slower to warm up. She gets stiff and thinks they might be getting ready to rumble. She isn't afraid and is actually the one to bring it to them ...a good offense is a good defense in her mind. When corrected she looked up at Dale and then relaxed and we walked the dogs around. After smelling each other we let them loose with leashes on.. Sometimes I think holding taunt leashes makes it worse especially some of these dogs that have been faced off before. They skirted around...tails up..bouncing..but still not in a deadly serious dance but not really friendly either. Asti bounced too close to Jackie bumping her a bit with her shoulder..Jackie growled loud..I almost stepped in but decided to wait. It looked like Jackie was correcting Asti but not taking it up the next level. Asti bounced close again..this time Jackie looked up at Dale with that look in her one gleaming eye...I am getting sick of this dog...You need to do something...I stepped in and bumped Asti with my shin into her side..just enough for her to turn and look at me...That was enough..Asti let down her tail and trotted off...Jackie looked content and trotted off after her , smelling around the horse arena. We then after a little while picked up Jackies leash and let Rosie come out and play around by Asti...All went well...They trotted around and Jackie was relaxed watching...Such a dance of give and take...It can turn bad fast in a moment but it can also turn out really well ...Today was a really good meet and greet...Jackie is learning about training foster dogs and Asti is up to all 5 of the family dogs...Maybe some time soon they will be running together. She has lots to learn but she is getting it fast...Good girl, Asti!

January 24, 2018

Spay day for Asti.... tomorrow!

January 25, 2018 -- SPAY DAY

The Blue Crew are ready to escort Asti to her spay this morning. She is excited to go in the car. This is your first step in many steps to a new family Asti...This one won't be fun for you but it will free you from ever having to have puppies again. It's a good day!

In the car on the way for my spay!

In the car on the way for my spay!

"It's so exciting...riding in the car with the Crew! I have my new collar on. I must be going somewhere special!" xo-- Asti

Afternoon Update

The sun is shining and promises to be a warmer day. Asti is at SPOT getting her spay...A new round bale out...horses munching..I'm so happy to be getting a break from the cold and rain. The suns faint warmth spreads over my face, even as my fingers tingle. I am hoping the worst of Winter is over, a pipe dream , I know. My patio plants that I brought inside during the cold months are leaning hopefully toward the bright South window but several of their leaves have dropped from the dry interior of the house. I promise them that if they can make it to Spring that they will be back outside and we all will be enjoying soft Spring rains and bright sunshine again. The dogs are making the best of it as the cool Winter sunshine lays in stripes across the carpet. Bella and Lucy know the drill on spay day...Take foster pup to the veterinary....stop at McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich...which we did, of course and then return home and wait for the hour to pick them up. The cone lays on the seat awaiting the newest altered pup. The Crew eyeballed it and kept their distance. Work to be done before we load back up to go get Asti. Hope all goes well and she heals fast and can start her socializing training with people...going to stores and the parks...always fun and a great education for them. Fresh blankets in her crate....a fresh beginning for Asti...The Blue Crew is snoring...sun checkered blue coats...

Evening Update

Everything went well with Asti’s spay.. she doesn’t feel well though at all.. My poor little cone girl. I put her in her crate with fresh blankets and left it quiet with the lights low. Sweet girl banged her tail in the cage when I came to pick her up...Sleep little Asti.. you'll feel better in a couple days..

She pulled the cone off. I put it back on but she’s trembling and it kills me.. I know she will get better. I gave her the medicine.. I hope she sleeps.. poor girl.

Goodnight Asti.. you're in the house tucked in like a bug in a rug..

January 26, 2018

Asti in crate after spay.jpg
Asti - short ears no cone.png
Asti is styling a shirt instead of a cone. She pops that cone off of her short little ears. I have to say she’s being good leaving her stitches alone. Maybe this shirt will be ok.

Asti is styling a shirt instead of a cone. She pops that cone off of her short little ears. I have to say she’s being good leaving her stitches alone. Maybe this shirt will be ok.

Last night poor Asti just couldn't be happy at all. As long as I stayed by her all was well but the moment I moved her eyes would pop open. Finally we moved up to the house in a crate and she was quiet all night...except for the cone. Fought with that cone and finally I put the shirt on her...Fingers crossed she has been good and not bothered them. The weather is so nice out...maybe later I can take her out and walk around slowly a bit . She is a good girl...she is trying hard to get along..

January 27, 2018

This morning a cold rain is falling but we are all tucked inside. I had to move Cole's bouncy horse into the computer room to make room for Asti's big kennel. All three dogs and the damn bouncy horse are crowded into this tiny room. Lots of togetherness today!

Asti got her shirt off this morning and is not wanting it back on...I guess she can run around naked for awhile as long as she doesn't lick at her stitches. I can tell the girls are wanting their "me time"...They put up with all the fosters really well and they teach them the ropes but enough is enough and they want me all to themselves. They will have to be patient for a few more days while Asti heals up.

We have gotten to where I can feed all three dogs without separating Asti. She has finally realized they're not going to run and eat her food and she can't have theirs either. It's pretty cool to see the small steps they make every day.

Last night Dale stopped by with Rosie and Jackie. It was interesting as Jackie, Blue, and Asti were acting over a couple bones I had out. One was an antler, the other a nylabone. They were like two children as they would be chewing on each only about ten 8 feet apart. Then a distraction would occur, one would get up and the other would go get the other bone. Asti came back and would pick up the rejected bone...then minutes later...they would switch...Jackie was really wanting to play and would bounce near Asti..Now I had problems with Asti guarding resources at first so I am watching closely from my chair. At first Asti thought it was just a move to grab her bone again but I finally saw the change in her eyes as she realized this young dog just wanted to play. I had to tell them to lay down though, because I sure didn't want some rowdy play to break open her stitches.

They laid looking at each other as they chewed. Bella, Lucy, Dale and Rosie were sitting on the couch like they were on a grandstand. I sat in my chair...all was calm...even with bones and a pack of dogs..A week ago, the bone issue would've started a fight...three days ago, she would have guarded her bowl jealously from the others ...walls are coming down...Asti..You are learning trust in people and dogs...Your growth has just begun and I am so happy to be a part of it...I see you laying near the Blues now...everyone quiet on this rainy morning...

Afternoon Update

The crew talked me into a cold misty grey day walk... Of course when we got furthest from the house, I saw the crew pick up their pace and run toward me. They had been dinging along while Asti and I hurried ahead...I found out why soon enough as the rain went from a drizzle to a steady sopping pour.. We made it back to the barn before we got too drenched.. then they sat looking up at me like it was my fault.. spoiled dogs..

Leash walking with blues.jpg
blues running on farm.jpg

January 29, 2018

Asti is healing well and is being such a good girl in the house! She still hates the cone and has partially destroyed it but has finally began leaving it on. She had a bad thought when I was mixing together some meatloaf today and had left it on the counter. She stood beneath it with her nose extended straight up in the air...It was as though she had eyeballs in her nostril as she tried to figure out if this morsel was available or not. Bella and Lucy were just sitting outside the small kitchen looking at each other and taking bets as to whether Asti would make a grab for the meat. I was watching her. All of a sudden she felt me looking at her and turned and our eyes met...I growled a low no and pointed out of the kitchen...She quickly scooted out of there with no further problems. I knew it was a temptation but she is going to have to learn not to bother food that is left out if its not hers. Now I know this can get tricky as property ownership can be up for grabs sometimes in the dog world. It doesn't usually take long though for them to realize if I leave it on the coffee table even is mine...don't touch it..ever...Usually they respect this but every once in a while I get tested.

I think Asti is going to be good...she just is learning the rules ....She is doing well with the girls and they are now eating together with in a few feet with no problems...I love seeing her grow...I can't wait to take her to the park and let her see more of the world..The store will be even more fun..Let's wait a few more days Asti....till your stitches are healed...then we will be out to see more of the world...Won't that be grand!

Asti is so happy and doing so well!

January 30, 2018

Asti and Lucy relaxing in the sun...First time being allowed to share the sun with the resident dogs...a big step for this new girl..

Asti and Lucy relaxing in the sun...First time being allowed to share the sun with the resident dogs...a big step for this new girl..

I am finally feeling so good and happy beyond belief! I have gotten at least 10 toys out of a box.I saw Lucy getting a ball out of there, it is a haven of fun! Last night I bounced through the house with Bella, of all dogs! She is one that is slow to warm up to me. Bella now seems to approve and is letting me into her inner circle. We galloped along neck in neck ...I was smiling so big I thought my jaws would never stop aching from the effort! Someone came to the door a couple days ago and banged on the door...I think they wanted to come in but the Blue Crew was barking at the door I sat beside them and barked too! We could see them through the glass doors, it must have worked. They sprinted back to their brown truck and left! Bella looked at me and gave me a nod of approval and after that she seems to have excepted me. My stitches are almost healed but I still have to wear the cone when I'm not by mom. I don't mind it quite as much but it still is an awkward, terrible thing...She told me in a couple days it can be off for good...I guess I will just lay in the sun and be happy...I love being happy...So happy...-Asti-

January 31, 2018

Well, I have to say , I had the most crazy adventure so far! Mom and the Crew got in the too of course and said we were heading to the park...Now , I have to say I was really nervous...Is Park just another word for SPAY?! In just a few minutes we were there. The Blues were calm and cool..I was pretty excited when I got out of the car and smelled like the most overwhelming amount of scents! I lost my head for a moment and put my head down and charged ahead and gave mom a bad jerk! Now that didn't go over well and I got a jerk back..The Blues told me to get my stuff together and walk nice ...Of course I ignored them and decided to try and drag the whole 4 of us down the trail. No..that again did not go over well...Mom bumped me and growled and stopped...The other girls were over my unruliness and flashed me a look that made my blood run cold...Ok..Ive got my thinking cap on and I am walking fairly nice beside mom. Off we go again down the trail through a woods. A was amazing...smells everywhere...things I have never smelled...I trotted faster, put my weight into it and pulled to go faster...I have so much to see...well , screaming halt.....I look up...then down...then up and then sit down and wait. We start again..this time I didn't pull and trotted along beside mom..the blues trotting on the other side. It was getting pretty dim as the day was fading and as we approached another trail..a lone man was walking by himself. He took a look at the three of us as mom pulled to the side and had him go on ahead of us. I don't think she wanted this guy behind us...she is careful that way. I have to say that guy sure picked up his pace with us on his tail. I bet he walked faster then he ever had before! Mom ,,,pulled us up and let him get on down the trail. I am getting the hang of this trail walking by now and am not pulling on the leash too bad. We came around by the pond and on up to the parking lot ...I was ready to get back in the car and rest. It was fun seeing some new views and being part of the pack. I am sleepy tonight though and I bet I sleep good...very good..just laying here eyes are heavy...My nose is still smelling the smell of the woods...Such good dreams I will have...Lucy is already snoring on the couch and Bella is stretched out in the chair...Good night all...It has been a good day! -Asti-

February 1, 2018

I was out in the yard with Asti when the Fed Ex truck went by...I thought...opps there's the dog food from Chewy....I went out in the front yard and saw the driver see me in his mirror and come to a stop. He turned around and pulled up and asked me if I was expecting a shipment...I said ,,,sure am. Asti watched him intently as he got the big box with the dog food out of the truck. Turned out that he had a PitBull at home..

Asti feeling a little out of sorts today.

Asti feeling a little out of sorts today.

He was patting Asti on the head when she decided to just jump in the Fed Ex truck to have a look around! Of course she was on a leash and I got her turned around and got her back out but we both laughed that she was so comfortable just to leap in like that.

I took her back inside the house. Something I have noticed though. I had Cole yesterday, my grandson...she was out in the dog room. After he went home I brought her back inside. She smelled him in the house and searched everywhere....For two hours she looked all over the house! She has been a bit unsettled now today...Doesn't want to be in her crate...More restless when out in the house,,snooping everywhere...I can only guess that wherever she came from they might have had a toddler. She seems to be intent on finding him and it has sparked unrest she seems to be remembering her family. Now maybe I am wrong ...but that is the only thing that has been different and she has been very anxious and doesn't want me to leave her.

One can never know what kind of life they are coming from. I know she has had lots of puppies....her body shows that. It's ok Asti...things will work out...You will find a new family...I can see you are confused today...Maybe missing a little one some where...but afraid also that whatever happened to you might happen again...I wish I could read your mind...You're worries....Just lay there and be happy...good girl...

February 2, 2018

Asti is learning to share. It’s a tough lesson standing in a row waiting your turn especially when you really liked to guard all your possessions at the beginning. She will be here a month on February 6th.. Asti is healthy now and has been learning house manners and dog etiquette at the farm. The next month will bring fine tuning and then she should be ready to find her own family. She is doing well..

February 3, 2018

Jackie took my nylabone right out of my crate and started chewing on it right in front of me! I was gobsmacked! I sat and watched her and then went over to try to claim it back. As I stood silently watching Jackie chew on MY bone I saw Jackie look over my shoulder at mom. She was watching us...I gently and softly reached out and grasped the end of my nylabone..Jackie for a minute just held it firmly and then she loosened her grip and let me have it. I quickly trotted over and laid down in my crate chewing for all I was worth on that nylabone! Jackie picked up another bone and walked over and started chewing...I watched for awhile and then started wondering if that bone was really a better bone then what I had. Jackie saw me watching and she left that lucious bone laying in the middle of the floor. I got up walked over to pick it up ...Jackie seized the opportunity to bounce over and pick up my newly surrendered Nylabone and jump up in a chair. Of course I realized I had been suckered and dropped the new bone...Jackie left the Nylabone in the chair jumped down and got it. The whole thing turned into a fun game! Jackie and I are going to really like each other I think after we know each other longer. She doest take any bluff from me and I none from her but at the same time we are playing a game. I can't wait till we can run loose in the fields together...What a adventure it will be...-Asti-

February 4, 2018

Asti’s first trip to Lowe’s ... She was friendly and brave... good girl Asti!

Asti out and about shopping at Lowe's

Asti out and about shopping at Lowe's


February 5, 2018

I am so tired but happy! It started with walking with the crew and Jackie and Rosie. We were a pack crossing the wild was just a bean field but it was cold out! We walked where I had never been and I could smell wild smells of deer and turkey!

As we walk back through the woods and back across the fields I have to really shake my head and think of what a difference there is in my life! I did live in a crate with puppies. Now don't get me wrong..I like pups but there is more to life then having puppies..again and again...Now I am hiking and going to stores!

The walk at Sodalis park was fun too and since I am growing more hair I am getting more comfortable with the cold. The water was frozen on the pond and the ducks flew over head. I think they were mad because they couldn't swim in the pond. I watch astonished as we hiked the short quarter mile track. I thought surely we were done...but we went to the Orchard store ...I loved it! Cookies galore and so many friendly strokes to my head..It just blows me away how many nice people there are! Bella and Lucy had to stay at home and I'm sure they are going to be jealous..Mom took me and left them at home!...I hiked more and visited folks...

Yes...opening the car door I see Bella looking through the house window...She meets us at the door with a impatient poke of her big wedge shaped head. I yawn, almost as if I am bored as she smells at my mouth ...The odor of dog treats is so clear to her...she shoots me a hard look but mom grabs the bag of cookies that she has brought home and offers it to the Crew. Ears perk up...cookies handed out...

I go and curl in a sleepy circle in front of the space heater. I am exhausted from the busy afternoon but I am so happy for the adventure. I heard mom say I will be able to find my forever home soon...What a great new year it's going to be! Stretching now with my toes almost in the hot vents of the little heater...I love that feeing as the heat rushes up my forelegs and under my eyes blink slowly as I drift into sleep...softly, so softly snoring...I drift joyful...-Asti-

February 8, 2018

My foster Mom says I'm ready to find my forever home. I'm looking for a family to call my own. Could that be you? If so, let's meet soon! xo, Asti

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day from me to you!

February 20, 2018

What a fine girl this blush colored girl... First off to Lowes to stroll around meeting people and walking beside a shopping cart.. She isn’t sure about children yet but she loves adults.. her tail wagging the whole time . I decided to take her to Sodalis Park and walk her on the 1/4 mile trail.. Lots of folks were enjoying the park. Asti learned a lot today.. what a fine girl and beautiful besides..Love you Asti..

February 21, 2018

Bump , thump, groan... Oh my.. you silly pup! Asti was laying on the couch with her back to the outside.. She was barking and running in her sleep and fell off the couch backward! Bella ran over and started licking her face.. I was amazed Bella usually is the one that would chuckle at this mess up..She stood up looked around and went to the dog bed to lay down. I came over and sat down on the couch and called her back up.. She is curled now snoring in the crook of my legs. Such a sweet girl.. Her sides rising and falling, she is so warm against my leg.. Sleeping quiet.. happy girl..

April 30, 2018

Hi everyone, I love my forever home! I'm working on being a service dog and enjoy sunbathing with the cats.

Seva training.png
Seva 042918.jpg

But I've been was really lethargic. The vet diagnosed me as heart worm positive. You can imagine our surprise, because when the rescue heart worm tested me in January I was negative. However, we have since learned about the difficult science of reading heart worm test results (depending on the type of test), the occurrence of false negatives and antibody tests. So I started heart worm treatment today. Treatment takes a lot of out a gal!

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Please consider donating to my fundraiser! 100% of the proceeds go directly to my vet bills.

May 28, 2018

Hi everyone! Thanks for donating to my fundraiser. It's a hot Memorial Day here in the Midwest so I'm spending as much time as possible asleep inside. Hope you guys stay cool too!