Zena. Her final chapter with Casa Del Toro & her first chapter with new family!

Foster homes are the backbone of our rescue. Since we have no actual facility yet we rely on folks to open up their homes to our rescue dogs- We are so incredibly thankful to all of our foster parents. They truly are an inspiration. They work tirelessly for the dogs.

Foster parents spend day in and day out with our rescues preparing them for the next step in their journey for their forever homes. They become very close to them and share a special bond that they will always carry with them.

It isn't easy for them to let go but they know that they have prepared the dogs with everything they will need to flourish in their new homes.

Today we send a HUGE thank you to all of our foster parents- the work that you do is amazing and without you, we could not do what we do as an organization- We love you, we appreciate you and most of all, We admire you.

Below is a story written by one of our wonderful foster parents Jan, about her foster dog Zena. A journey thru foster care to the next step of her Journey to her forever home.


Zena...Her final chapter with Casa Del Toro & her first chapter with new family!

by J. Jessup [ Zenas foster Mom ], September 10, 2012

Well, it has been a long road for Zena, one full of pain, fun and adventure! Me, my son Dale and Zena headed up to Logansport to meet the prospective family on Saturday. I think Zena could tell something was in the air as we headed north in the car. After more then a hour in the car she looked a little worried and kept bumping me with her nose and looking at me deep in the eyes. She wanted answers to the questions running through her canine mind. Any one that doesn't believe dogs have ability for deep thought would be mistaken I think.

We met Branson and Kirston at the city park first. We arrived a bit early and was able to get Zena out and play some ball with her. Already she had attracted fans while we were there. When Kirston and Branson pulled up we were able to show them some of her obedience and her love for chasing the ball. She is such a good girl. They seemed to hit it off immediately! She loved all the attention and was soon licking faces and leaning up against them!

Now , was time to go meet the other dog that she would be living with for the next month while waiting to move into their new home. This new fellow was a big friendly black lab.  He is huge and came bouncing out of the house toward Zena. She being only a 3rd his size , puffed up and woofed at him. We slowed things down on our doggy meeting,,went for a walk and doggy smells all around. Soon they were just fine and not worried about each other at all! Zena went into the farm house and quickly checked out everything! She soon was sprawled out on the floor in true Zena fashion! It was decided that this was indeed where she was supposed to be. I think her new family will be just perfect for her and she will give steady quiet love to them! She is a calm soul that loves to cuddle and will help to make things even more at home when they move into their own home. This has been a long story with Zena. I have sat and looked through the photos of her..sad faces, Black and blue body, healing , CDT volunteers, raising monies , rehab, swimming,,hiking,,,rebuilding her back body and soul! Thank you one and all for your time, money and encouraging words as we have brought this very worthy canine soul back ,,and into the new life she belongs in! I know we get tired sometimes especially when things don't work out in rescue work, but take one look at Zena. She is only one dog, out of many, but to her new family and to us , she was worth the time and effort! It certainly mattered to that one dog! This is a happy ending...I treasure it and it gives me energy for when the next one comes along!  Our mission is over,  Zenas mission in life is just beginning! Do it with honor Zena,,,I know you will!