Get them fixed

Why does a pit bull rescue care about spay and neutering pets? Simple put, there are too many healthy pit bulls that are being euthanized because there are not enough quality homes. In the last 30 days we received requests to take 27 bottle-fed pit bull puppies that lost their mommas. 

  • First request was a litter of 9 puppies whose Momma died from complications of birth. We accepted all 9, but the vet office kept four and we lost one. 
  • Second request was a litter of 10 puppies that were dumped at a truck stop in a cardboard box and ended up at the local shelter. We accepted all 10.
  • Third request was a litter of 12 puppies that ended up at the local shelter. Six puppies died and we accepted the remaining 6.

So in less than 30 days we now have 20 bottle-fed puppies to raise. This is no small feat. Bottle-fed puppies are expensive, have a higher mortality rate and must be properly socializes since they are reared without their mother's enrichment. They must be fed every couple of hours and kept warm, dry, clean and safe. Our volunteers have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Soon we will start holding puppy socialization events out in the community to ensure these pups have the best start that we can give them - so stay tuned for your opportunity to participate.

So why do we care? Because we were fortunate to have the resources and foster homes available to take in this many puppies at one time, but this volume is not sustainable. We are on the front line for surrender requests and prioritize our support to shelters - I can't even tell you how many owned pet surrender requests we received during the same timeframe. Right now we almost have as many pit bulls in the rescue as we adopted out all last year!

So please help us share the news about Primp your Pit a Spay/Neuter Blitz Campaign across the United States to help owners get their pets fixed for $20. If you live here in Indiana, please contact FACE and SNSI for surgery assistance. 

Help the puppies and purchase one item off of our Amazon Puppy WishlistShop through Amazon smile, select Casa del Toro as your charity of choice, and make your gift go even further.