Training Recommendations

Bark Tutor

Offers a variety of classes. Located at 2122 Broad Ripple Avenue, Indpls, IN 46220

Ailigh Vanderbush

She’s works at Animalia. She's a certified applied behaviorist so she has expertise in all areas of training and behavior, including fear and aggression. She lives on west side (more northwest) but will see clients in other areas of town. May charge mileage past a certain radius. I think she's the behavior director for Hamilton County Humane Society. 317-695-5464 Emails: or

Dr. Jean Delong

A veterinary behaviorist who did her residency at Purdue. Currently works at the Animal Medical Center on East Washington Street. I don't think she offers basic types of training but she does in-home consultations to diagnose and treat serious behavior issues. Sometimes, after diagnosing and prescribing the treatment plan, another positive trainer will work with the owner on how to implement that plan and teach the actual training techniques. 317-626-4737

Dr. Shannon Kiley

Is a veterinarian who also sees training/behavior clients in their homes and she also works with a variety of issues, including fear and aggression issues. She does hands-on training and has worked with Casa del Toro dogs in the past. If she thinks medication is needed as part of treatment, she will write the prescription and work with a client's veterinarian. She also loves working with puppies (not sure if she does puppy classes). 317-431-2514 Website:

Jane Page with New Behavior

Is a trainer and behavior coach who's in Mooresville area. She has worked in almost every aspect of animal care. She sees clients on far west side and southwest like Avon, Plainfield, greenwood, etc. she also has pet-sitting business in Mooresville area. She teaches a variety of classes in these areas, including puppy, manners, CGC, and occasionally other fun classes. W: 317-834-2040 M: 317-753-5658

Brad Phifer

He has a boarding/ training facility in Fairland, out in country. He does board and train at his facility and still does in-home training and consultations in the Indy area. 317-623-5048 Email:

Alaina & Laura VanArendonk Baugh

With Canines in Action. Will travel most anywhere for training sessions also does video conferencing consultations if someone is too far away. Teaches classes at times. 317-966-6635

Lucky Dog Retreat

On the east side offers puppy socialization classes on the weekend.