Pit Bulls Are Dogs Too

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to sit down with Joe from #FlyingSigns podcast and talk about pit bulls. You see, Joe & I are family. We both love Ping siblings - me the oldest and he the youngest. The entire time Joe & I have known each other I have been a part of Casa del Toro rescuing pit bulls. Joe has heard all the ups, downs and crazy foster stories. He's been at family functions where I step away or have to leave to handle rescue business. Joe knows that pit bulls are just a part of who I am.

When Joe started his Flying Signs podcast I was so excited for him to follow his passion. I think it is vitally important for people to follow their passions. Do something every day that makes you happy regardless of if you think it is silly, self-serving, or that no one else notices. Life is short and not many of us are fortunate enough to get paid to do what we love, so take some time for yourself everyday and indulge in your passions. 

 A little known fact about me, I like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. So Joe and I had a lot to talk about in what we like (and dislike) about podcasts. We discussed my husband and I being guests on the Flying Signs podcast where we could talk about pit bull rescue, being musician and/or veganism. I asked to have a segment by myself and to talk about pit bulls.

Here it is - our one hour talk about pit bulls. I've spoke to school children, at the State Fair and events all over Indiana about pit bulls, but somehow sitting down for this podcast made me the most nervous. I think that's because a podcast is permanent. I thought about mapping out the talk, look up facts, write down a time line to follow and have all of the reference data available, but I didn't. This podcast is Joe & I sitting down to talk about pit bulls over a beer. 

I hope you enjoy! If so, please comment in iTunes and let people know you like the episode and podcast.