2019 Indiana Legislative Update

Here are two bills in the Indiana legislature right now that could use your support. Call your representative and make your voice heard!

SB474: Probation and parole for animal abusers. Authored by Senator Alting, this bill establishes as a mandatory condition of probation and parole that a person convicted of an animal abuse offense may not own, harbor, or train companion animals. Fortunately, this bill passed through the Senate unanimously and is now in the House. Please take a moment to contact your state Senator and thank him/her for voting yes on this bill and call your state Representative and ask him/her to support this bill.

HB1615: Death or injury to an animal. Authored by Representative Hatfield, and co-authored by Representatives McNamara, VanNatter, and Mahan, this bill amends some of the definitions in the animal cruelty statues to give law enforcement more tools to address beating and torturing of animals. Additionally, it increases penalties for intentional acts of extreme cruelty. Fortunately, this bill passed the House by a vote of 81-13. You can see how your Representative voted here. Please contact your Representative and say thank you if she/he voted YES on the bill, or inquire as to why your representative voted NO and let him/her know that you are disappointed. 

Find out who represents you here http://action.humanesociety.org/site/PageServer…

Photo featuring Alumnus Lenny (RIP - 2016)

Photo featuring Alumnus Lenny (RIP - 2016)