I am so inspired after my weekend at C.D.T. Rescue's booth for Pet Expo Indy 2013. I met so many animal advocates and had the opportunity to engage in real pit bull education. I countered so many people that said "It's all in how they're raised" with, "That's not really true, because your statement assumes every person who starts off  with a puppy will have a perfect dog" and they all agreed. Some people were speechless while they considered what I said. That's humane education - an honest conversation with someone, listening to what they say and providing non-judgemental feedback.

I don't expect everyone to think dogs that are identified as pit bulls are as beautiful as I do. That's ok. I just want people to consider the dog that is in front of them, regardless of if it looks like a pit bull. The media has over-sensationalized pit bull type dogs for almost three decades! We will not overcome the sterotypes overnight. It is through the small acts of advocacy all of us pit bull lovers perform everyday; talking to the person in line at PetSmart who asks what type of dog you have because it is so well behaved, or stopping to help the stray pit bull you see that is cold and confused on the corner of 10th & Prospect at 7:45a.m. on a Tuesday morning even though that means you'll be late for work, or going to your local shelter and rescuing an older pit bull who, for whatever reason, has ended up at the city shelter during their senior years a time when even we humans yearn for  the opportunity to retire comfortably.

I took this video at Day 2 of Pet Expo. Canine Stars selected Jude to feature in their afternoon show at the Indianapolis Fair Grounds. I was so nervous, excited, proud and humbled watching Jude have the opportunity to show all of us how great of a dog she is. She was dumped by her original family in a community with breed specific legislation (BLS) and here she shows all of us to judge the deed and not the breed. Please complete an adoption application to meet Jude today!