Help Save Puppies

Our volunteers are not only help us run Casa del Toro Pit Bull Education & Rescue, but they also volunteer at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC). Last month our volunteers stepped up and fostered 17 puppies that were under an investigation hold at the shelter. This means our volunteers opened their homes up to these puppies in order to help them stay healthy and social while a pending court case played out.

Luckily for the pups as of this week they officially were released and C.D.T. could adopt them. We have worked diligently with shelters on the East Coast to line up foster homes and opportunities through the Canine Express. 10 of our puppies are bound for a pit bull and parolees program in Maine and the other 7 are bound for Vermont. We were also fortunate Vermont selected a little bit older pup, Onyx, who is two years old.

Now we are asking our donors and supporters like you for help. IACC will vaccinate the puppies and CDT will spay/neuter them, however, we are looking for donors to help us afford the expense to fecal test the puppies. Since the Canine Express will be transporting the puppies across many states we must ensure the pups are not carrying diseases. It is going to cost us approximately $75 per puppies and we ask you to take a moment and show you support. No gift is too small.

The puppies are scheduled to leave on December 5th. Please help us reach our goal of $1350 and stay tuned for puppy updates! With your support we will be able to continue to offer this service to puppies at the shelter, if you would like to foster puppies for us please complete a foster home application.

Thank you for your continued support.