Onyx is thankful for being chosen for the Canine Express and I am thankful for the time that I spent with her this morning. Through our enrichment program Casa del Toro volunteers help improve the quality of life for Indianapolis shelter dogs like Onyx. We identify pit bulls like Onyx and then promote them to East Coast rescues through the Canine Express. If selected, we try to pull the dog into our rescue through our foster program. This frees up a kennel at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control and helps the shelter move more animals to the adoption floor.


We are always looking for supporters like you. This month we were able to pull 17 puppies into the rescue for Canine Express, but had to leave Onyx at the shelter because we did not have an ideal foster home for an adult female. Therefore, our volunteers always stop by Onyx and provide some extra kennel enrichment when at the shelter.


If you have ever thought about fostering or think you might be interested in getting a second buddy for your dog please complete a Foster Application today. We may not have the perfect fit for your home today, but we are able to pull more dogs if we have a database of types of dogs that will already fit into our foster homes.