Shelter and Rescue Lobby Day


Casa del Toro Pit Bull Rescue will be at the Indianapolis Statehouse tomorrow to lobby for humane legislation. We will have a table in the atrium and will speak with legislators and members of the public that come through about upcoming spay/neuter and felony spectator for animal fighting legislation.


If you live in Indiana and love pit bulls – call your Representative and
in support of humane legislation!

2014 Legislative Session ends March 14, 2014

Don’t know your Representative? Find out here.

H.B. 1400 The Indiana Companion Animal Sterilization Fund bill – is in its 4th year of being introduced to the Indiana General Assembly. The bill would provide free spay/neuter services to Medicaid recipients through a program operated by Spay Neuter Services of Indianapolis. HB 1400 has been assigned to the House Ways and Means Committee, chaired by Rep. Tim Brown. Please contact your Representative to urge him/her to call or email Rep. Brown and ask that HB 1400 receive a hearing. If the bill doesn’t receive a hearing this Thursday (January 23) or next Monday (January 27), it will be dead for another year — unless it becomes an attachment on another bill. Call to your House of Representative delegate today or tomorrow!

S.B. 6 The Animal Fighting Contests bill - for approximately the 7th year in a row, a bill has been introduced in the Indiana Senate that would make attending an animal fighting contest a felony. Authored by Senator Jim Arnold, from LaPorte, has been assigned to the Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee, which is chaired by Indianapolis Senator, R. Michael Young.  The bill would make attendance at an animal fighting contest a Class VI felony.  As of today this bill has not been scheduled for a hearing. In order to have a chance at making it through the 2014 legislative session, please contact Senator R. Michael Young and politely ask him to give this important bill a hearing.