Severe Weather Preparedness

It is May in the Midwest and severe weather preparedness is on our mind. The Department of Homeland Security - National Disaster Relief is focusing on dog emergency kits and our rescue has been selected as a recipient! While we excitedly await our kits, and contemplate how we can create our own, we want to help you take steps to keep your pet safe.

  1. Order a free Pet Safety Kit from the ASPCA. This kit includes a rescue alert sticker to let emergency first responders know how many pets live at your residence.
  2. Locate a safe haven. Call around to identify hotels and boarding facilities that accept pit bulls, because not all disaster shelters accept pets.
  3. Collect emergency supplies and create travel kits. The ASPCA has created this  comprehensive list.
  4. Decide who will be a designated caregiver or "foster parent".
  5. Practice evacuation.
  6. Think about your location and the different climates you may experience. Also remember that not all communities are welcoming of pit bulls make sure to research breed specific legislation (BSL) around your community. Here is a BSL legislative update for Indiana.

Disaster can strike at any moment so it helps to be prepared. Pick up a Pet First Aid kit to keep around the house and look into Pet CPR classes. It always helps to be prepared!

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